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Mask Woman, 2017

Mask Woman, 2017

Pigment print

40 x 40 cm

ed. 1/10

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    Fashion component

    In the 1960s, JFK ushered in a new era of politics with his radical policies, while his wife, Jackie Kennedy, made a resounding impact that reverberated through the fashion world. Their public attire became immensely popular among women of the time, setting new trends. Jackie Kennedy was adored for her elegant and intelligent persona, whereas Marilyn Monroe, rumored to have been involved with JFK, captivated Hollywood and men alike with her seductive image as a sex symbol. These two vastly different women became Andy Warhol’s muses in the realm of pop art.

    Edie Sedgwick, another of Warhol’s muses, charmed teenage girls with her decadent beauty and tomboy demeanor. Jane Birkin, famously associated with the Hermes Birkin bag, was yet another fashion icon of the era.

    These influential figures from the world of fashion remain etched as vivid memories from my years of studying fashion design. Rather than crafting clothing through traditional sewing methods, my interest lay in creating visual graphics by sourcing and reimagining images from that time.

    Encouraged by a professor who recognized my graphic design talents, I ventured into new designs and novel fashion sources. I embarked on a four-year journey running a graphic design brand, during which my passion deepened. The Fashion Element works encompass magazines, photographs showcasing icons of the post-1960s era, contemporary models, and diverse individuals. Through disassembly and recombination, these images are reinterpreted with a modern sensibility.