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Sea the wall 4, 2022

Sea the wall 4, 2022

Pigment print

60 x 75 cm

ed. 2/7

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    See / Sea

    “SEA THE WALL” is a phrase with several interpretations: it can refer to both the sea as a barrier and looking at a wall.

    The ocean, covering 70% of the Earth’s surface, has served as a realm for human life for a significant duration. Simultaneously, it has acted as a barrier thwarting the ambitions of those seeking to conquer new continents. Throughout history, numerous explorers and scientists have endeavored to understand and conquer the sea due to their curiosity. Despite these efforts, our comprehension remains limited, and the ocean continues to be an enigmatic expanse.

    Today, thanks to advancements in science and technology spurred by curiosity, we’ve achieved the remarkable feat of transforming the sea into a destination for travel and entertainment. Paradoxically, this progress has led us to face the dire consequences of global warming and extreme weather through a series of unintended processes. The very human desires that have punctured the massive wall of the sea have unleashed uncontrollable dangers, resulting in calamities.

    The sea and wave imagery depicted on the immense wall in this artwork embodies both visual beauty and serves as a barrier against potential catastrophes that could befall humanity. Positioned amid these structures, we, as individuals, appear small and insignificant. Observing the sea provides a visual pleasure, yet whether this evokes fear or awe depends on one’s personal experiences and imagination.

    Scientists have issued warnings about global warming and climate change, events akin to the themes found in Adam McKay’s dark comedy “Don’t Look Up,” which echo in our own reality. Our helplessness in the face of impending disasters has been portrayed in countless films.

    At this juncture, we are left pondering: What actions can we take, and what responsibilities should we shoulder?

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