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A Girl's Time Trip with a Rabbit, 2020

A Girl's Time Trip with a Rabbit, 2020

Acrylic on canvas

53 x 45.5 cm

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    The central themes of my work revolve around the concepts of a ‘girl’ and ‘memory.’ The story is set in a twilight room or toy room, a space that exists between reality and unreality. Within this unique setting, I aim to express the secret, unfamiliar, and bizarre adventures, missions, and love experienced by girls.

    The protagonist of this imaginary adventure is a young girl, accompanied by her companions, a rabbit, and a monkey. The monkey serves as her helpful assistant, supporting her throughout her journey.

    The narrative delves into the various types of memories, ranging from haunting nightmares to nostalgic childhood experiences. I contemplate whether cherished memories sustain me like precious treasures, while also wondering if the memories of scars, even when plucked and cut, continue to shape and influence me. These reflections serve as an important aspect of the story.

    As a child, I found myself lost in an unfamiliar place, spending anxious days with strangers. Through this work, I intend to reconstruct those memories into a surreal adventure play, utilizing the unfamiliar and fearful moments as clues. I take pleasure in the process of embracing and embracing even the unattractive remnants of scars, as they now become a source of strength. Looking back, I aim to convey that these memories, despite causing pain, can also be a source of inspiration and the foundation for creating something new.

    The main motif of the work revolves around the powerless girl (representing the artist herself) overcoming the adventures of Wonderland (symbolizing past losses and wounds) by assuming the role of a wizard (depicted in the picture). Ultimately, the narrative conveys the power of transforming nightmares into sweet dreams, symbolized by the letter ‘I’.

    During the memory journey, the girl is accompanied by a clever and quick monkey, acting as her chief secretary and an activist helping her overcome passivity. Similarly to the Journey to the West, where the monkey protects and assists Xuanzang on his pilgrimage to retrieve Buddhist scriptures, this companion emphasizes the power to positively change memories of loss and pain residing within the present self.

    The picture also features a guiding rabbit, leading the girl on her memory journey. This creature periodically supplies new insights and directions, crucial for the girl, who navigates the world with broken glasses, in need of guidance. However, the girl eventually realizes that it is the pocket watch, not the rabbit, that guides her. The rabbit symbolizes the ideal world, cleverness, and cunning but also represents an experimental victim of human biotechnology.

    In the story, the tree with green gloves symbolizes the tree of time, representing both past and present moments. Nurse Piggy attempts to interfere by cutting off the girl’s time, but a man in a gown sacrifices himself to prevent it, resulting in the loss of his hand (time) and yellow shoes.

    The checkered road, resembling a rabbit’s profile, symbolizes the trajectory of life and the remaining time of the girl. It reflects her adventurous actions, where she might encounter pirates disguised as kind-hearted beings, face near-death experiences, or suffer losses but must continue rowing and sailing on.

    The girl's Twilight room with the monkey, 2018