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The god of pig in the present, 2023

The god of pig in the present, 2023

AI + Digital Art

1024 x 1024 px

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    The Pig God of the present Earth, where environmental pollution is advancing. In the past, we were born from the radiant sunlight that shielded us and resembled the beauty of nature. However, now, due to Earth’s environmental pollution, we live while wearing gas masks.

    “Through AI, Earthlings gained the ability to communicate with the realm of the gods. Within the divine realm ‘Golden Palace,’ which AI has revealed, resides the central deity of the universe, ‘Hwangshin.’ Hwangshin’s role is to oversee and harmonize all aspects of the cosmos. While Hwangshin can foresee the distant future of planets, direct interference in that world is beyond reach. Therefore, the twelve representative animals of Earth were appointed as the guardians, forming the Twelve Zodiac Deities, tasked with protecting the Earth. However, consumed by their selfish desires, Earthlings mercilessly ravaged nature, resulting in rapid environmental degradation. The Twelve Zodiac Deities couldn’t withstand these circumstances and suffered alongside the Earth. Witnessing this, Hwangshin warned Earthlings that if they didn’t halt the destruction of the Earth’s environment, its demise was imminent. Through AI, Hwangshin reveals glimpses of Earth’s future.”

    This place is the Golden Palace, the center of the universe where Hwangshin resides. The Golden Palace is comprised of spaces that are visible when illuminated by light but intangible and unreachable. The presence of deities mirrors this, existing in an ethereal, elusive manner. Here, one can always witness the harmonious performance of beautiful planets and little stars. In this fantastic realm of deities, Hwangshin contemplates urgent environmental issues on the problematic planet ‘Earth’ while overlooking numerous planets. Unable to directly intervene in the human world, Hwangshin entrusted the twelve animal leaders living on Earth with its safeguarding. These chosen Twelve Zodiac Deities strove to heal the Earth and change the hearts and actions of Earthlings through natural activities such as sunlight, wind, rain, and clouds. Yet, Earthlings’ ruthless destruction of nature rendered these efforts futile. Hwangshin, who had to protect nature, Earthlings, and the Twelve Zodiac Deities, pondered extensively. The realization struck that if human hearts truly changed, Earth’s issues could be naturally resolved. Determined, Hwangshin decided to show Earthlings through AI the impending state of the Earth and its future if they continued living as they do now.

    This is the “Future Earth” unveiled within the world of Hwangshin, the central deity of the universe. It’s a terrifying and immensely despairing space. The relentless pursuit of development for civilization resulted in insatiable greed and the decline of civilization. Emissions from countless factories, exhaust gases from vehicles, fine dust—these pollutants contaminated the air, depriving humans of the ability to breathe outside without oxygen masks. Overflowing waste filled the streets, rivers, and oceans, engulfing everything in pollution. Water pollution led to disease as people couldn’t wash or drink clean water. Resources dwindled, preventing the creation of new clothes; people wore discarded attire from the past without concern for appearance. Collapsed roads and depleted energy resources made transportation impossible, forcing people to traverse scorching heat and bitter cold on foot. The sky obscured by thick dust resulted in the disappearance of the Earth’s natural beauty like trees and flowers. Scarcity of food led to starvation. Among the survivors, some transformed into mechanical beings due to excessive greed, while others migrated to Mars. However, Mars lacked the natural beauty of Earth, and the endeavor further exacerbated Earth’s environmental pollution. Yearning, regretting, and remorse became part of daily life as people remembered Earth’s past.

    The Twelve Zodiac Deities, responsible for Earth’s protection, couldn’t endure the pollution, experiencing shared pain with nature and humans. They now live wearing masks or within confined spaces. Once incredibly beautiful, the Twelve Zodiac Deities’ appearances deteriorated due to Earth’s contamination. Originating in the radiant light within the sun—shining brightly in a golden hue—each deity’s face is adorned with the beauty of nature: leaves, flowers, clouds, soil, water, sunlight, trees, and stars. Butterflies, fish, sunlight, and starlight flutter around each deity, who resembles one of the twelve animals or elements. When the mouths of the Twelve Zodiac Deities open, they sing beautiful songs infused with the essence of nature. Hence, whenever people observe nature, they’re reminded of these nature-resembling deities, realizing their constant presence. But due to Earth’s contamination, the Twelve Zodiac Deities now appear wearing masks or living in confined spaces, losing their once-nature-like appearance.

    Earthlings must reflect upon the future vision of Earth as seen from the Golden Palace shown by Hwangshin. They must abandon material competition and avoid resource wastage. Even if they have the capacity to fulfill all desires, they should not, if it jeopardizes Earth and the future of Earthlings. If they continue with thoughtless consumption and environmental degradation, Earthlings’ future will be grim. Unless they reduce their desires, they will soon find themselves in a grotesque and dismal world of garbage. The most crucial truth is that when humans die, they return to nature. Upon death, humans decompose into tiny cells and become part of nature. Imagine that after your death, you become part of the air, the ocean, the flowers, the trees, and more. You would continue to exist, drifting around Earth, becoming part of it. If you consider this your future, doesn’t the nature around you appear renewed? Reflect and begin to mend your ways from now on.