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The poppy's sweet home, 2023

The poppy's sweet home, 2023

AI + Digital Art

1024 x 1024 px

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    It shows the future to come if we continue to pollute the environment like we do now. The weather of the future was written down to alert people, and the future people of Earth were portrayed in a caricature of dancing.


    01 On a hot day, dancing while recalling the beautiful nature

    Temperature: 127.4°F • 53°C (future Earth temperature)

    Frequency: 202301300606 Hz (frequency showing Earth’s future based on current date and time)

    Story: Temperature is too high and hot time. Close your eyes and imagine the sound of birds and green nature. I can hear the imaginary birdsong in my ears and see beautiful nature flutter before my eyes. beautiful.


    02 On this hot day, we’re not a good band

    Temperature: 109.4°F • 43°C (future Earth temperature)

    Frequency: 202323280306 Hz (frequency showing Earth’s future based on current date and time)

    Story: We are a street dust band. We don’t get along well. Creep, creak. Perhaps because the weather was hot, I had a fight with the member next to me again today.


    03 Dancing on the hot beach with friends

    Temperature: 141.8°F • 61°C (future global temperature)

    Frequency: 202307450507 Hz (frequency showing Earth’s future based on current date and time)

    Story: I went out to the beach with my friends. I want to go into the sea in the scorching heat, but I cannot because the water is polluted with trash and polluted water. I’m so sad. Instead, we should dance and have fun on the beach. It’s too hot to dance.


    PearlsTear shows that the water temperature has increased by comparing the current sea temperature with the past sea temperature, and expresses the life in the sea suffering from trash through mermaids.


    04 Mermaid’s tears

    Current water temperature: 85.6°F • 29.8°C (Now•Cebu•Philippines)

    Past water temperature: 85.28°F • 29.6°C (2021•Cebu•Philippines) (Comparing past and present water temperatures to alert people.)

    Number of trash: 39200614034023 (current number of marine trash expressed as current date and time)

    Story: I went to Cebu, a beautiful sea at sunset, and saw vinyl floating in the sea. I was so surprised to suddenly see plastic blocking my view. A passing turtle was also caught in a net, so I rescued it. I’m so sad that I cry. The funny thing is, humans were also swimming with trash.


    05 a mermaid piled on vinyl

    The poppy’s sweet home_1024*1024_Poppy’sStory_Midjurney_2023.Current water temperature: 79.7°F • 26.5°C (Now•Waianae•U.S.A)

    Past water temperature: 79.4°F • 25.8°C (2021•Now•Waianae•U.S.A)

    Number of trash: 39200612095323 (current number of marine trash expressed as current date and time)

    Story: On the way from Hawaii to California. A huge garbage island was discovered in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. It is made of approximately 1.8 trillion pieces of plastic, weighs 8 tons, and is 16 times the area of ​​Korea. Because of this, it took 39 more days to return. I’m angry. These damn people are really… The funny thing is that their boat also passes around Garbage Island.


    06 The mermaid who saves the turtle and goes home

    Current water temperature: 73.94°F • 23.3°C (Now•Barcelona•Spain)

    Past water temperature: 72.68°F • 22.6C (2021•Barcelona•Spain)

    Number of trash: 9200624053523 (current number of marine trash expressed as current date and time)

    Story: While swimming in a polluted sea, I found a turtle that had swallowed a plastic bottle cap, thinking it was food. I pulled it out of her neck with difficulty and saw blood. It looked so painful. My heart aches and I cry. When humans eat marine creatures that have ingested waste such as plastic, toxic substances contained in the waste can accumulate in the human body. It is also harmful to humans. I wish people would stop throwing away trash.


    Poppy’s story A story that helps children find their own inner path by showing the process of Poppy, a baby fish, finding her own path.


    07 The poppy

    Appearance of cute baby fish Poppy


    08 The poppy’s sweet home

    Cute baby fish Poppy’s house


    Sunmile A collection of photos taken of beautiful nature seen from Earth and color-corrected with Photoshop.


    09 The sky of the sunset like heaven

    I took pictures of the beautiful scenery of the Han River in Seoul at sunset, which anyone who lives in Seoul can easily go to. The sky that day felt like heaven, perhaps because of the clouds.


    10 The beautiful blue sea at dusk

    I took pictures of the beautiful Sokcho seascape. I arrived in Sokcho with my family, and a beautiful and enchanting pastel pink sky was unfolding before my eyes.

    On this hot day, we're not a good band, 2023