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The time of the zodiac Mouse, 2019

The time of the zodiac Mouse, 2019

Digital printing

59.4 x 84.1 cm

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    “Recording animal tracks.”

    The zodiac is a deity of time represented by 12 animals associated with protection. These twelve guardians of the land are also known as the ‘Twelve Gods’ or ‘The Twelve Gods’. The artworks with the theme of the 12 animals pattern the time each animal has lived. A grand and magnificent clock stands at the center of the zodiac series. The clock’s hands indicate different times for each artwork, representing time in the traditional zodiac sign division. Additionally, by imagining unspecified images, the works release patterns that seem to record the history and traces of the zodiac animals. Rather than relying on visual intuition, I visualize the essence concealed behind it. When you admire the artworks, you are encouraged to seek the meaning of the patterns within them. By doing so, you will find yourself immersed in the world of the animals and their time.

    무상심심미묘법 백천만겁난조우 아금문견득수지 원해여래진실의, 2023