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A well ceiling (Coffered ceiling), 2022

Painting on Hanji

100 x 80 cm

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    [ Lost between the love and uncertainty ]

    The process of painting is like drawing a well in the sky and then moving the deep blue water onto the canvas. Someone drew a door on the wall and opened it and went in. Shall we disappear together through the door?

    A well-sealing (Coffered seiling) originated in the 4th century Azanta stone cave in India. Poet Yun Dong-ju looked at the dark ceiling from the prison. In stone caves, in prison, what should we become to meet yearning or love again.

    “In the well, there is a bright moon, clouds, sky, blue wind, autumn, and a man like a memory.”

    After lighting up A well-sealing like a candle, I’ll paint again. In the hope that we will meet again in the distant universe.