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Alive but not truly living, 2023

Alive but not truly living, 2023

AI + Digital Art

1500 x 1500 px

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    As society progressed across various domains, machines started to integrate with the surrounding environment. In modern times, diverse forms of electronic currency emerged, and I became acquainted with a system enabling payments through electronic means. These advancements ushered in an era where technological alternatives like robotic pets could replace real-life creatures in the vicinity. In comparison to the past, contemporary individuals are more accustomed to machines than genuine living beings.

    Consequently, I pose a question about the potential limitation in the future regarding the frequency of ‘children’ interacting with living entities, given the prevalent technological landscape. When explaining the 12 zodiac signs to children within this confined context, I encountered the challenge of mechanically crafting and showcasing these 12 animals. Despite being machines, these creatures come to life through technological evolution, manifested with a sense of vitality.

    Among these 12 animals, the ‘dog’ is notably friendly to humans and often assumes a pet role. The facial depiction mirrors reality, while the body showcases mechanical robotics. For animals deeply connected with humans, I contemplated the possibility that the bond might not be accurately replicated. Meanwhile, other animals were depicted with a more mechanical aesthetic.

    Even the dragon, a fantastical creature within the realm of the 12 zodiac, diverges from reality. It is portrayed with varying sizes on the right side and utilizes lightness in color to convey the coolness and agility of a technically animated yet non-living entity. This portrayal captures the essence of life in mechanical form.