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The dignity of a Horse, 1998

The dignity of a Horse_1998

AI + Digital Art

6000 x 3368 px

When I finally became grade 1 and went to the “big kids” side of my elementary school located in upstate New York, we went on a field trip to a nearby farm. It was my first time ever to see a real farm with loads of animals. However, the animal that was the most impressive were the horses, especially a white horse. That horse was the most “popular” among the children, including me. Even for myself as a kid, the huge, white horse looked more like a mystical creature, so I still can vividly remember when it suddenly started jumping its front two legs like in this photo, totally making me feel dazzled with its shining, shimmering, and splendid appearance. For the past 4 years I’ve been making photo artworks using LEGO ® minifigures, and recently I found my tendency of making scenes or topics from my own childhood, and this is also a part of it. The white horse that made me feel its dignity as a kid is still inside my mind very vividly, so I decided to make a scene based on that scene from my childhood once again.

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